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Control AND Freedom


Control OR FreedomCompanies have always struggled between maintaining corporate control OR giving freedom to the people dealing directly with customers.


From websites to social media, that line is more blurred today than ever. It isn't enough to simply dictate to the masses anymore. It is essential to engage customers where they are with the same people they interact with everyday. In the online world, this is through websites, social media and sharing.


The problem is most employees don't have much to share online because a static corporate website doesn't have the means to address the needs of their local community.

If you focus on maintaining complete control, you miss out on all the modern web has to offer, but if you let everyone be free to say what they want, you worry about what might be said. 


With ClickWrite, it isn't control OR freedom anymore. By syndicating content to local websites and providing collaboration controls, you are able to create a positive online experience for both internal and external customers. Your network will allow employees to be engaged and participate actively online while you maintain a level of control that prevents a negative impact on the company brand. 


With ClickWrite, you get control AND freedom.

With ClickWrite, it isn't control OR freedom anymore. By syndicating content to local websites and providing collaboration controls, you are able to create a positive online experience for both internal and external customers.

Control AND FreedomExample: Dealer Networks


In a typical dealer network, there are a number of dealers who sell your products along with the products of your competitors. The customer came to your website to learn more about your product and make a buying decision. Once they have made the decision to buy your product and want to know where to get it, they are sent to a dealer website that might short-circuit the whole process by introducing more options, specifically your competitor's product. 


With ClickWrite, you have the power to manage the entire network of microsites to expand your content footprint across the web, while allowing each dealer to add information relevant to their customers or local market. You remain in control of the buying experience, while providing an additional marketing resource for your dealers.


What ClickWrite can do for you

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Global AND Local

With local websites AND a global website, companies are now in a position to tailor their message like never before. 

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Target AND Mass Marketing

Local websites can create targeted messages to capitalize on what is going on in the local community - all while maintaining the mass marketing message of the corporate website.

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Style AND Substance

Maintain your company's style with consistent branding while at the same time allowing microsite owners to create substance for your customers with targeted content.

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Control AND Freedom

You no longer have to choose between control OR freedom. With ClickWrite you get control AND freedom.

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Why do I need it?

In this AND/OR world, it's not about OR anymore. ClickWrite allows you to make AND happen.

You get Control AND Freedom
You get Style AND Substance
You get Targeted AND Mass Marketing
You get Global AND Local Reach

All with one system.

Who uses it?

Franchises can use the platform to give each franchisee their own website.

Agencies can allow each agent to have their own website to target their sales efforts to their market.


- User Websites provides a jumpstart to app developers so they can focus on the app not how to distribute the results.

ClickWrite User Update - July 2012
More new features have come on line. Here’s what's new.
ClickWrite User Update - May 2012

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