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Franchise Microsites


Franchise MicrositesDoes this sound familiar?

- Your franchisees want to market locally online but can't access their one page on the corporate website.

- One of your franchisees builds their own website that includes non-current, conflicting or unprofessional branding messages.

- Your franchise competitors are supporting their franchisees in ways you currently aren't.


Franchises have unique challenges that ClickWrite can address:

- Provides the ability to control the brand while supporting franchises.

- Gives franchisees the ability to market themselves locally.

- Makes your franchise offer unique in the market.

Franchises use ClickWrite to provide a global presence with a main corporate website as well as individual microsites for each store.

Franchise MicrositesClickWrite provides a website network consisting of:

- Corporate website

- Franchisee microsites

- Any number of other microsites you need (i.e. - targeted market segmentation websites)


Franchises use ClickWrite to provide both a global presence with a main corporate website as well as individual microsites for each store.


These sites are connected by syndication, allowing you to leverage your marketing spend.  Marketing campaigns can be controlled at the national and local level through content syndication and central administration of network microsites. Local franchisees can add the specifics about their location to their local site and market to their local customer base.


Why would you use ClickWrite?

Control and coordinate the network to best support your goals:

- allows you to replicate your inperson relationships online

- provides the opportunity to gather local customer contact information

- prevents rogue websites


User Websites

Our technology can be used to distribute custom applications using individual websites - provides a jumpstart to app developers so they can focus on the app, not how to distribute the results.

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Market Segmentation Websites

Market segmentation by nature is perfectly suited to a ClickWrite solution. The need to focus on particular demographics or niches means using unique websites in campaigns to attract them. ClickWrite makes this easy. 

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Agency Websites

A ClickWrite website network allows agencies to easily conduct marketing campaigns at the national and local level with content syndication and central administration.

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Franchise Websites

Franchises and retails store chains use ClickWrite to provide both a global presence with the main corporate website along with individual websites for each store.

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Why do I need it?

In this AND/OR world, it's not about OR anymore. ClickWrite allows you to make AND happen.

You get Control AND Freedom
You get Style AND Substance
You get Targeted AND Mass Marketing
You get Global AND Local Reach

All with one system.

Who uses it?

Franchises can use the platform to give each franchisee their own website.

Agencies can allow each agent to have their own microsite to target their sales efforts to their market.


- Market Segmentation is perfectly suited to a ClickWrite solution.

ClickWrite User Update - July 2012
More new features have come on line. Here’s what's new.
ClickWrite User Update - May 2012

We've made improvements to ClickWrite - learn about them here.

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